"I have come to appreciate André as a super Photographer and at the same time a very curious, sensitive and emphathetic personality. My hightest regards for his work and commitment."

Bjarne Lemmich, Head Global Sales Forecasting at Novartis

„We have worked with many photographers, but this is probably the most best work we have ever received from a external photographer! Thank you very much.“

Svilen Pankov, PwC France,

jsp"The pictures are fantastic once more.  We very much appreciate your approach and your results and we’re pleased that we were able to continue our partnership."

Gary Carr, Marketing & Communications Manager at JSP

Schwyzer Kantonalbank"Wir danken Dir für Deine sehr kompetente, kreative und kunstvolle Arbeit. In der Geschäftsleitung hast Du mit Deiner natürlichen Art und den daraus resultierenden Fotos Kult-Status erlangt. Gratulation."

Werner Schibig, Direktor Marketing Schwyzer Kantonalbank